Ice Melt

Rock Solid Road Salt & Ice Melt Solutions

Three Rivers is western Pennsylvania’s No. 1 source for ice melt and de-icing materials. We use our transloading ability and equipment to stockpile and ship the ice melt and road salt products when you need them and where you need them. When the flakes are flying, you can count on our service to bring the melting products to your door.

We have a bulk road salt program to fit the needs of all customers. Rock salt is available for pickup at the terminal during the week and on Saturdays. We can arrange truckload deliveries to customer stockpiles or job sites. Three Rivers also works with state & municipal customers to help get people moving again.

Our bagged ice melt selection is the largest and broadest in Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. We carry straight rock salt, calcium chloride, and a variety of blends. We have a wide range of packaging sizes to suit contractors, retailers, and distributors. We sell our salt products by the pallet in these prepackaged sizes: Bags: 10 to 80 lb., Pails: Up to 50 lb. and Jugs: 8, 9.5, 12 lb.

We provide road salt/ice melt to the Pittsburgh area, all of western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. By delivery or for pick-up.

Please call us at 724.489.4100 to speak with our representative about how we can meet your needs.

Three Rivers is rock-solid. When the weather is the worst, you can depend on us the most.